Frequently Asked Questions

1. How far in advance should I order a custom cake?

Ideally, as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment. I will book wedding cakes from 2 months up to a year and a half in advance All other cakes are subject to availability of space and can be booked up to one month in advance. Due to the time involved in creating custom wedding cake designs, I can only accommodate a limited number of commissions per year.

2. May I bring a picture of a cake & have you make it?

I prefer not to copy another artists work. Your custom cake should be just that, 'your cake', not from someone else's special day. You may however bring pictures for inspiration. It does give me a good understanding of what design style you are looking for and I can show you options on how to acheive that perfect look

3. Do I make undecorated cakes?

The simple answer is, no. The expaination is, I do not wholesale or make cakes for someone else to sell or decorate. This includes naked cakes for fresh or 'fake' flowers. There isn't a flower that I can't recreate in sugar. As a confectionary artisan, I have over 25 years experience, that's why you are commissioning me. I would hope you are choosing me for my artistic abilities & talent to create you something wonderful. I can't just hand over a naked cake and have no idea what it might end up looking like. There are many wonderful bakers out there who would be more than happy to supply you with this type of cake at a much better price.

4. How much will a cake cost?

Every cake is priced on an individual basis by number of servings, flavour choice and complexity of design. Please check menu pricing for basic prices. I have a minimum starting price of $150.00 for any cake. A specialized birthday cake may take 24 hours to complete. A wedding cake can require 40+ hours to complete, not including design time or cleanup. My average 3 tier wedding cake cost is usually $650.00 and up. Some are more, some are less. I will show you options to stay within your price range. Setting your budget and being realistic about design will guarantee a cake that makes you happy.

5. Do I have to put down a deposit and how?

Yes a deposit is a pre-requisite. All cakes require a 30% non-refundable deposit to book your date.
Wedding cake final payments are due 3 weeks prior to event. Terms & conditions apply.
All custom handcrafted work starts almost immediately.
Cancellation policy is 30% non-refundable.
Payments can be made by cash, E-transfers or credit-cards through Square.
Credit-card payments over $500 will incur a 3% processing surcharge.

6. Do I make nut, gluten or allergy free cakes?

I process all these ingredients in my cake kitchen, as such I do not offer nut free, gluten free or allergen free cakes. .