Cake Pricing

My minimum starting price for any cake is $150.00

Occasion Cakes

BUTTERCREAM ART CAKES that require fondant, chocolate, or sugarpaste embellishments start at $150.00
FONDANT COVERED ART CAKES start at $175.00 As an artisan baker, I do not offer 'standard' designs or character cakes. If you are looking for either of these options, I am probably not your best choice for a baker. A larger bakery may be better able to supply you with the cake you desire at a better price.

Wedding Cakes

Every WEDDING CAKE is as original as the person ordering it, therefore every wedding cake will have a different price point. Pricing is based on serving numbers, flavour choices and the complexity of the design. If you are bringing me designer pictures, please, expect designer prices. Set your budget & I can show you designs within said parameters. There is always options for any design. My average wedding cake cost is usually $650.00 and up.

Sculpture Cakes

3D SCULPTURE CAKES are a individual work of art. My minimum starting price for a 3D sculpture cake of any size is $350.00. Most often they require a more expensive modelling chocolate decor. They take a lot of planning & sometimes even require blueprints for exact dimentions. Cakes that require an internal structure start at $450.00. Realistic 3D cakes IE: animals start at $600.00.


REGULAR CUPCAKES start at $4.00 each.
JUMBO CUPCAKES start at $5.50 each.
MINI CUPCAKES start at $2.50 each.
Cupcakes include simple buttercream decor, IE: Rosebud swirls
Any added embellishments are priced individually by complexity of the design.
Minimum order of 2 dozen regular sized cupcakes.

Decorated Cookies

COOKIES start $4.00 each and include 2 to 3 colours.
Edible image cookies start at $5.00 each
Any added embellishments are priced individually by complexity of the design.
Minimum order of 2 dozen.



GINGERBREAD HOUSES start at $150. The more complex, the more they cost. They are a multi day adventure; planning, baking, drying & decorating.
3D GINGERBREAD STRUCTURES start at $350 but can cost upwards of $1000. These are extremely labour intensive and can take 40 hours or more!


CHOCOLATE BUSINESS CARDS (With edible image) are $5.00 each. Minimum order of 2 dozen.
You must supply a jpeg or png image, or a business card, to complete this task.

Delivery Pricing

Is available at the cost of $0.60/km round trip. Minimum fee of $25.00


RENTAL FEES are $20.00. Refundable FULL replacement deposit (varies) required.
Cupcake tiered stands or display plates. Cake pedestals or plateaus.